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Which Teeth Mostly Gets Injured in a Kid’s Mouth?

A dental injury is a mouth injury that leads to lost, displaced, or broken teeth and damaged gums. If you notice heavy bleeding from your kid’s mouth, you require immediate medical care because it could block the airway.

After a dental injury, the kid gets more prone to infection. The only way to stop it is to ensure the mouth stays clean and adhere to the dentist’s instructions. However, if you fail to address a dental injury, your little one could also develop long-term issues. It can make it challenging to chew food. This can even decline general health and nutrition.

Moreover, untreated dental issues can also affect the child’s entire health. Sometimes tooth damage might not be visible. Thus, it is crucial to seek help from the pediatric dentist immediately to avoid long-term damage.

Root Causes of Dental Injury

The primary causes of dental trauma include:

  • Sports-related injuries
  • Falling over
  • Fights

It is also possible to have a tooth breakage by consuming something hard.

Which Teeth Injuries Most Frequently?

The most common teeth injury in children includes maxillary front teeth. Kids with an extra overjet are more prone to force-related dental injuries. Emergency dental care is required when it comes to tooth avulsion. It is a situation where the tooth gets fully knocked out.

Trauma to Primary Teeth

Severe injuries to primary teeth happen at two to three years of age group. It usually includes displacement of teeth, fracture, or avulsion.

Injury to Primary Incisor

Tiny fractures in primary teeth may sometimes need smoothing out the sharp tooth surface. The dental professional may suggest a dental crown, tooth pulling, or endodontic treatment if there is pulp exposure. The dentist assesses the fractures in the tooth using radiography.

Fractured Primary Tooth

When a fractured primary tooth makes it difficult for the kid to bite food properly, the dentist pulls or repositions it. It makes it essential for the dental professional to determine tooth displacement injuries. It helps evaluate the proximity of the fractured primary tooth to the permanent tooth that is developing an occlusion.

Avulsion or Knocked-Out Tooth

Avulsion occurs when the tooth displaces from the socket fully. An avulsed tooth does not affect the speech development of your kid. But it may result in a tiny lisp.

When the permanent tooth gets knocked out, it needs replanting immediately. The reimplanted tooth stabilizes in its appropriate place with a flexible splint for two weeks. The dentist recommends a dental implant as the solution when he/she can’t save the knocked-out tooth.

Solutions Offered by a Pediatric Dentist to Cure Dental Injuries

Below are the solutions suggested by a pediatric dentist for treating dental injuries in children:

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are essential dental equipment that keeps kids safe from dental injury during sports participation or other recreational activities. As per AAPD, sports injuries result in 39% of dental trauma in kids.

These protective guards are beneficial for kids in protecting their teeth when doing activities like:

  • Trampolining
  • Skateboarding
  • White-water rafting
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Squash
  • Hockey
  • Rock climbing, etc.

When your little one is in any dental emergency, call us instantly. Our dentist in Chicago, IL, is always there to help when the kid’s dental health is at high risk.

When Should I Send My Kid to the Doctor?

Check your kid’s mouth to ensure that just the tooth got affected due to a dental injury. Immediately visit the emergency room or call on 000 for an ambulance if your kid is facing the following:

  • Heavy bleeding going down the throat.
  • Swollen tongue or mouth.
  • Troubled breathing.
  • Difficulty in swallowing food or talking.
  • A fever over 38 degrees Celsius.
  • The lymph glands of the neck get swollen.
  • Unbearable tooth pain.

In case of severe damage to the jaw bone or gum bleeding, it is also essential to contact the emergency room as soon as possible.

Get an Emergency Treatment at Lawn Dental Center

Prompt treatment helps in increasing the chances of saving teeth. The pediatric dentist near you may ask you to bring the fractured or damaged tooth with you during the appointment.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the expert may conduct X-rays scans. It helps them find out if there is any damage to the tooth nerves or adult teeth.

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