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We all hope to enjoy good oral health for as long as possible. Your emergency oral surgeon in Chicago at Lawn Dental Center is here to help with that, offering a variety of treatments as well as routine exams and cleanings. Unfortunately, there are occasions when certain invasive procedures will become necessary to restore your oral health, such as oral surgery. There are several reasons why oral surgery might become necessary. Still, you can rest assured that our team in Chicago, IL, will work to provide you with the most comfortable treatment possible and guide your speedy recovery if it is recommended for you.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery includes procedures that involve making incisions in the mouth, whether the gums or teeth are being treated. The way that your treatment proceeds will depend on what surgery is needed.

Types of Oral Surgery

Many procedures in dentistry are noninvasive, and your dentist at Lawn Dental Center will be able to treat your teeth or gums without making any incisions or even requiring any form of anesthesia. There are several reasons why oral surgery would be needed, and a dentist near you will only recommend surgery if it is the best method for restoring health to your mouth.

  • Impacted teeth: These teeth have not erupted properly (usually at an angle). This commonly occurs with wisdom teeth, which will need to be removed to avoid an infection from developing in the gums. Leaving impacted teeth untreated can also allow them to affect the neighboring teeth, potentially causing pain, swelling, or other issues.
  • Tooth loss: If a tooth has become infected by decay or injury and cannot be fully restored, or if leaving it in the mouth would be detrimental to your oral health overall, your dentist may recommend removing it entirely. It can then be replaced with either a denture, a bridge, or a dental implant.
  • Jaw-related problems: Surgery can also be performed to address issues like unequal jaw growth, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or to improve the fit of dentures.

Your dentist at Lawn Dental Center will walk you through the procedure to ensure that you know what will happen during your oral surgery in Berwyn, Cicero, Oak Park, and nearby areas in Chicago to help restore your oral health.

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