Endodontic Treatment in Chicago | Root Canal Near You

Endodontic Treatment in Chicago | Root Canal Near You

The field of endodontics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of inner pulp conditions. The term is derived from the Greek word “endos,” which means “inside” and “odont” —tooth. Root canal therapy is the most commonly performed endodontic procedure. Before this tooth-saving treatment, the only way to end a pulp infection was to extract the tooth.

Endodontic Care Near You

Endodontists complete two additional years of advanced dental training. They learn about root canals, dental injuries caused by trauma, and endodontic surgery during that time. This extra knowledge allows these specialists to repair inner tooth problems quickly and efficiently. For this reason, endodontists are known for saving teeth. With the help of root canal therapy and other procedures, you can keep your natural teeth for life. It is our goal at Lawn Dental Center to preserve healthy smiles.

Root Canal Treatment in Chicago, IL

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, it may be a sign of an inner pulp infection. Another indication that you may need to see an endodontist is if your teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. So, don’t neglect your oral health. Instead, call Lawn Dental Center today to schedule a dental exam. Our dentist in Chicago will evaluate the situation, alleviate your pain, and stop the spread of infection. If it is determined that a root canal is the best course of action, there is no need to fear. Modern endodontic treatment is fast and comfortable. In fact, we use local and general anesthesia to ensure a pain-free procedure.

Endodontics in the Chicago, IL Area

Another reason why endodontic care may be prescribed is if you were involved in an accident. Patients who have suffered facial trauma with swelling around the gums or teeth must seek emergency treatment right away. Any delay can result in tooth loss.

All endodontists can perform general dentistry; however, they are a small percentage of dentists who can do inner pulp procedures. For all dental care providers, the aim is to save natural teeth. For that reason, we will explore all possible options before extracting a tooth.

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