Invisalign® Braces – Right Choice to Straighten Your Teeth

Invisalign® braces have become quite popular in recent years, and it is because of the many benefits that come with the treatment. It helps one achieve a beautiful smile, and the good thing is it corrects both small and severe problems. However, not everyone makes a perfect candidate for the treatment. Be sure to contact a dentist near you to confirm if Invisalign orthodontic treatment is right for you. That said, we will discuss these clear aligners in detail to help you make an informed decision.

What is Invisalign?

It is an orthodontic treatment that involves the use of clear or invisible aligners to correct the problem with wide gaps between teeth or misaligned teeth. Typically, the treatment functions pretty much like traditional metal braces. However, they don’t use metal wires and brackets like traditional braces. What’s more, Invisalign aligners are removable. You should always remove them when taking your meals, though.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Once the invisible aligners have been fitted in your teeth, they apply gentle pressure to them, pushing them in the desired direction. Typically, a patient should wear the aligners at least 22 hours a day to make the best out of the treatment. Failure to do that, your treatment likely to take longer than projected during the initial stages. Your dentist will show you how to change the Invisalign aligners and provide spare aligners. This is because you should change the clear aligners every 14 days for the best result.

Why Should You Choose Invisalign?

Traditional braces have been around for many years. They are tried and tested, and people have confirmed that they are effective. Millions of people have straightened their teeth with metal braces. Therefore, why should you choose modern aligners while traditional braces get the job done? Well, we will tell you why:

Invisalign Braces Are Invisible

This means no one will need to know that you are under orthodontic treatment. You can still smile comfortably without feeling like people will be left talking about your braces like they would if you were wearing metal braces.

Metal Braces Are Often Associated with Children

Typically, kids get braces when they are around 11 years, to perfect their smile as early as possible. However, if you didn’t get that opportunity as a kid for some reason, you might find it a bit embarrassing to wear metal braces at a later stage. But with Invisalign, you have nothing to worry about.

Clear Aligners Are Easier to Maintain

Typically, you will continue brushing your teeth as usual since you will be removing the aligners when brushing. Then, all you need is to rinse them with clean water before putting them back. However, be sure to clean them with colorless soap from time to time.

Invisalign Braces are Customized to Perfectly Fit the Patient

This means that they are more comfortable than metal braces.

You Will Know What To Expect After The Treatment

The dentist will show you 3D pictures of the possible result after treatment. If you follow your dentist’s advice, you should achieve the expected smile within the projected time.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Typically, it will depend on the extent of your problem and how well you follow your dentist’s advice. In most cases, it takes pretty much the same time as traditional braces. Therefore, you can expect to get ideal teeth alignment within six to eighteen months, depending on your problem.

Tips for Invisalign

If you want to get the best out of your treatment, these tips will be handy.

  • Always rinse your braces before putting them back on your teeth to eliminate any bacteria buildup. That way, you will effectively reduce the risk of cavities.
  • Never leave your aligners in the open. Not only does it increase the risk of losing them, but it also increases bacterial buildup. Always put them in their case when you are not using them.
  • Don’t use regular toothpaste to clean your Invisalign braces.
  • Visit your dentist at least three once every three months during the treatment duration. Don’t hesitate to call him if you experience discomfort, though.

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