Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

Many of us have experienced some toothache before. Usually, it is nothing an aspirin pill or two would not solve. Sometimes, toothache becomes so persistent and severe that the affected tooth needs to go. What if there was a way to save your tooth? Root canal therapy holds the answer to this question. Root canals are cupped holes inside the teeth. They accommodate the tissues around the teeth area and other parts of the teeth that help the teeth to function. Root canals cannot be seen unless during surgery or dental exams with the help of an x-ray for diagnoses. They are deeply located inside the tooth. When the tissues inside the teeth are infected, it can lead to severe pain and tooth loss. What then does root canal therapy at our dentist near you entail?

Root canal treatment/endodontic treatment is a dental procedure that involves the removal of dead, infected, and inflamed tissues that are inside the teeth by a dentist. When root canal treatment is carried out, complete removal of infection dangerous to the tooth is the main aim. Unlike tooth extractions that involve total removal of the tooth, root canal treatment involves cleaning out and maintaining the tooth structure. For a better understanding of root canals, let’s discuss some anatomy of the human tooth.

The teeth have an outer layer called “the enamel”. The enamel protects cavities from penetrating deep into the teeth. Asides the enamel, there is a part called “the dentin” that supports the enamel and keeps it firm. The cementum covers the layer of the tooth’s root (the inner part of the teeth). Lastly, “the dental pulp” connects the nerves inside the teeth and is located at the center of the tooth’ root. When a crack in the teeth affects the enamel and penetrates the dentin, bacteria can penetrate the tooth’s root and infect the nerves inside the tooth. That is why a root canal treatment is required to remove the infected nerves inside the teeth and seal the infected area by refilling it.

How do I know if I need a Root Canal Treatment?

There are different reasons why a person will be asked to do a root canal treatment. If the person has suffered a deep cavity or there are issues from a filling that was done in the past, a root canal will be recommended. A cracked tooth may require root canal treatment. There are certain signs that a person needs to watch out for to know when they need to see an endodontist. If you have a cracked tooth or you are experiencing pain while chewing, you need to visit a dentist for examination. The gums can also be a pointer to indicate that you need to see your dentist. If you have pimples on your gums, or dark gums, or swollen gums, you might need root canal treatment.

Root canals are just as painful as any other dental procedure like filling or tooth removal. However, before the procedure, patients are given anesthesia to numb pain during the procedure. After the treatment, a person will experience pain for a few days. In these few days, a person can still go about their normal daily activity but it is advised that people should not eat until the numbness is gone. The complexity of an issue will determine the cost of the treatment. However, you can use your dental insurance to cover some or all of the cost of your root canal treatment.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Root Canal Treatment?

The first thing you should know is that any dental procedure that saves the natural teeth and enhances the facial structure is of high advantage to the patient. After the procedure, your tooth might not be firm as it used to be. However, the dentist can recommend the use of a dental sealant or dental caps that would help the teeth stand strong. The good news is that custom-made dental caps look just like natural teeth and can also make your dental structure look nice. Also, root canal treatment saves you from future damages. It is also, a good way of getting rid of carries and decays inside the teeth.

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