An Elaborate Overview of Oral Surgeries with Advanced Technology 

An Elaborate Overview of Oral Surgeries with Advanced Technology 

Dec 01, 2021

Modern dentistry is much different from traditional dentistry. The integration of advanced technology and the sophistication of skillsets has allowed many dentists to up their game regarding oral surgeries. If you are concerned about going through any particular oral surgery because of misconceptions you have had, at least consider that modern dentistry has more to offer than many are aware of now.

An Overview of Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries encompass all dental procedures that entail surgery, which means that a dentist would be cutting open part of your mouth. Oral surgeries are concerned with the inner layers of your mouth, which is why tissues need to be opened up to allow for treatment. You may need oral surgery for various reasons. However, it should not be your idea that you need surgery. After a thorough dental exam and diagnosis, a dentist near you will determine whether or not you need surgery. Oral surgeries are often opted for as alternative dental solutions where other less invasive measures are ineffective for treating your dental problem.

Under What Situations Oral Surgery Are Recommended?

Oral surgeons in Chicago, Illinois, only perform surgeries on a need basis. It, therefore, adds up that your dentist will consider many other dental solutions before recommending dental surgery. Some of the situations that necessitate surgery include:

  • When you have a tumor in or around your mouth
  • When your condition is unresponsive to other dental treatments
  • When you have lost healthy tissues in your mouth that are crucial for supporting oral health
  • When you have a problematic tooth that needs to be extracted
  • When there is a need to save your natural tooth
  • When your jaw needs repositioning
  • When you have severe symptoms for the underlying illness that are potentially life-threatening

That said, many different types of oral surgeries and processes are performed in dentistry. Oral surgeries are typically performed by different dental experts, including endodontists, periodontists, or prosthodontists, depending on the nature of your dental problem. Some types of oral surgeries in dentistry are:

  • Root canal procedures – are surgeries performed to treat the insides of teeth, removing the infected and damaged contents to preserve the natural tooth.
  • Gum grafting – is a type of surgery often performed by a periodontist to restore the health of the gum tissue. The surgery concentrates on reinstating receded gums, usually after a gum infection.
  • Gum reduction surgery – is also performed by a periodontist or cosmetic dentist to reduce the amount of gum tissue displayed when you smile, hence countering a gummy smile.
  • Impacted tooth removal – is a surgery that targets improperly grown teeth that are fully or partially stuck underneath the gum tissue.
  • Implantation surgery – is often under the jurisdiction of a prosthodontist to replace the roots of missing teeth.
  • Bone grafting – a surgery performed mostly by prosthodontists to restore damaged bone tissue. Often, bone grafting is done prior to implantation procedures for replacing lost teeth.
  • Jaw repair surgeries – a number of reasons can merit oral surgeries for repairing the jaw, the common one being dental accidents. Jaw surgery can also be used to treat complex temporomandibular joint disorder that is not responsive to lifestyle changes and prescribed medication.

Standard Oral Surgery Processes Followed by Dentist in Chicago

Given that advanced technological devices are in play in modern dentistry to assist in oral surgical procedures, dentists must be careful about their performance of dental surgeries. For one, it is standard dental care in surgical procedures to use local anesthesia, which numbs the patient’s mouth. Numbing makes all dental protocols virtually painless. Besides that, dental experts must employ a type of sedative before beginning any invasive dental work. Sedation dentistry plays a big role in the success of all oral surgeries. From minimal and moderate sedation to deep sleep dentistry, oral surgeons have different options to employ for the successful performance of dental surgeries.

One of the other secrets to successful oral surgeries that we employ at Lawn Dental Center is the use of laser-power technology. The cutting-edge technology boosts our expertise in oral surgery by enhancing precision with every cut. Besides, laser technology works faster than traditional dentistry, with lesser damage to healthy tissue. The result is a more precise cut and speedy healing on the patient’s part.

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