Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Botox Aftercare

Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Botox Aftercare

Aug 01, 2021

You will never be able to stop the aging process, but you may slow its progress using the safe and powerful anti-aging treatment known as Botox that our dentist in Berwyn offers. Opting to go for this non-surgical option can help you look years younger.

Botox injections in Chicago offer excellent results, quicker treatment times, no downtime, fewer side effects, and long-lasting results.

However, for you to enjoy the benefits of Botox injections in Chicago, you will need to have proper skincare management prior to and after your injections. So, you may need to equip yourself with the right information about Botox aftercare for longer-lasting results.

Botox Injections, In a Nutshell

As you may already know, Botox is a cosmetic drug designed to paralyze your muscles temporarily. Technically, Botox is a neurotoxin known as onobotulinumtoxin A, produced by the bacteria, Clostridium botulinum.

If taken in high doses, it can cause botulism poisoning, a severe form of muscle paralysis. Don’t fret! Botox injections are safe and are administered by our dentist in Berwyn to stop your facial muscles from contracting, thus causing the wrinkles to relax.

Botox Injections Skin Aftercare

The whole idea of Botox aftercare is to promote the best treatment results. Also, with proper skincare, you can reduce the risk of bruising and spreading to the other sections of your face.

Therefore, check out the following tips for maintaining your skin after a Botox injection:

1. Steer Clear of Skin Stressors

Days after your Botox injections, you need to steer clear of certain activities that may irritate or inflame your skin. Therefore, you will need to avoid doing the following:

  • Take hot baths or showers
  • Drink alcohol
  • Take anti-inflammatory medications
  • Receive facial treatments
  • Massage or rub your face
  • Participate in vigorous activities

The activities listed above may cause your face to swell. Also, you may be at risk of developing other rare side effects such as redness.

2. Shield Your Skin From the Sun

Exposure to the sun may not directly affect the results of the treatment. However, you will need to avoid sun exposure the first four hours after your treatment. It might promote flushing, thus increasing your blood pressure, which can cause bruising.

Also, exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin and worsen wrinkles. Therefore, when you go outside, ensure that you wear sunscreen and a cap. You may need to steer clear of other forms of heat exposure:

  • Hot tubs
  • Tanning beds
  • Saunas

If you desire to achieve color, use spray-on tans or make-up.

3. Exercise Your Face

Botox is an effective muscle relaxant. It works by relaxing the nerves in the muscles. So, if you desire to receive optimal results, you may need to work the treatment into your nerves. You can achieve this by moving your face one to two hours after treatment. Try to squint, frown, raise your eyebrows and grimace to aid the injection to take hold.

4. Avoid Touching Your Face

Try as much as you can not to touch your face, at least for one day after the treatment. This will ensure that the drug doesn’t spread to unwanted areas. Massages should be scheduled at least a week after your Botox injection.

5. Steer Clear of Skin Treatments

For optimal results, you will need to let the Botox injection settle into your muscle. It means that for the first 24 hours after treatment, you have to avoid other skin therapies such as:

  • Exfoliating scrubs
  • Facials and facial massages
  • Dermal fillers

If you rush to get these therapies, you will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the Botox injection.

6. Stop Smoking

As may already know, smoking is never good for your health. In this case, smoking may even worsen Botox’s side effects. Plus, it can damage your skin cells and may promote premature aging.

7. Don’t Sleep on the Treated Areas

Try as much as you can not to sleep on the injected areas. If you are able to avoid the injection sites, you will minimize the physical pressure, thus letting the drug settle into your muscles. Plus, it is best if you don’t sleep within the first four hours after the procedure.

If you do the above-listed things, you can expect your Botox results to last as long as three or four months. For maintenance Botox injections in Chicago, contact us at Lawn Dental Center.

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